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World renowned for the quality of its sound and projection—and for an ornate design that evoked the long-gone ‘20s movie palaces that once lined Broadway and Seventh Avenue—the Ziegfeld was for decades one of the country’s best-known movie venues.
— The New York Post

“I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the incredible experience we had at last night’s 23rd Annual Champion Awards!  Though it’s before 11am, I’ve already gotten a flurry of amazing comments from our Board, Corporate Partners, Honorees, and general attendees about the amazing food, the incredible audiovisual, and the all-around beauty of the physical space at Ziegfeld Ballroom.  While I agree on all counts that your venue is absolutely beautiful and your amenities are top-notch, for me, the highlight of the evening was working with you and your staff.  I think your calendar is booking up quickly for next year already, which means the great word is already out there, but I’ll be sure to tell my friends in the event planning world just how wonderful of an experience I had.”

Bill Devers
Director, Development Events and Engagement
Safe Horizon

“I just wanted send you all a big thank you for our epic event yesterday. Your team was incredible and really went a long way toward having it all run so smoothly, and we have had a tremendous response on how perfect the venue was, especially for this show—endless thanks!”

Gina Napoli
Gala Director
Angels in America on Broadway

“Thank you for everything you did to make our event on Monday night as beautiful and seamless as can be.  We loved having our event at Ziegfeld Ballroom:  our guests had a fantastic experience, and so did we as clients.  We continue to hear great feedback about our Gala, and much of that is due to the professionalism, efficiency and friendliness of your entire staff.  A special thank you to Jamie and Katherine who were with us every step of the way, handling lots of different players and personalities and dealing with very last minute changes—not to mention Jamie’s brilliant coining of our signature drink, the Tenementini!  Thank you for making it so special.”

Ian Patrick
Director, Events
Tenement Museum

The new space will include one of the largest ballrooms in the city and accommodate up to 1,200 people.

"I wanted to reach out to you immediately to thank you for all your work and efforts for Marin’s Bat Mitzvah this past weekend while it’s still fresh in my mind.  Your entire space is absolutely magnificent, the food was delicious, and—just as importantly—the presentation was beautiful!  I cannot thank you enough for making such an important event in our lives so memorable!”

Lauren, Marty, and Marin Geller  

“As an event planner, you rely on the professionalism and knowledge of a venue to ensure your vision—and that of your clients—comes through.  Our experience was wonderful!  From concept to load out, the team at Ziegfeld Ballroom was a dream come true, constantly working with us to make sure we had the best of everything.  We look forward to returning, and sending many more clients your way!”

Joe Vigliotti
Urban Arts Partnership 

“THANK YOU!  Your team is definitely one of the best that we have ever worked with.  I really cannot thank you more for helping us throughout the past months.  We really enjoyed the night, received many compliments from our guests and speakers, and look forward to working with you again soon!”

Fei Wang
China General Chamber of Commerce,USA

“Wow, you guys—last night was AMAZING! Thank you so much for everything that went into making the evening appear so effortless—because, well, we all know it took a lot of effort on your part to make it come together so seamlessly.  The food was delicious, and, clearly, our guests had a very (very, very, VERY) fun time.  I have nothing but good things to say about each of you and Ziegfeld Ballroom.” 

Nicole Nelson
Associate Director of Development
The Calhoun School

“BRAVO!  BRAVO TO ALL OF YOU!  Our event was a great success, and has been receiving endless praise from our guests.  Working with your team is always a pleasure.”

Alfred Rosenthal, CEP
By Invitation Only, Ltd.

“Thank you and your entire team for your kindness and for being so attentive to the needs of WISE. Your team's commitment to customer service is extraordinary. Thank you for your assistance during some of the most stressful periods I encountered. Those personal touches did not go unnoticed.” 

Liberty Dwyer
Senior Administrator
WISE — Women in Sports and Events

“Thank you again for making New York Common Pantry's 2018 Benefit such a great success!  NYCP and their guests were very impressed.”

Melanie Waldron
Fundraising Manager
Aaron Consulting Company

“You all did such a fantastic job yesterday—and in the many, many months, meetings, walkthroughs and calls leading up!  Our client was very happy, and it was a total pleasure, as usual, working with you.  I personally appreciate your commitment, your staying 'til the end, and your sense of humor.  We look forward to being together again at Ziegfeld Ballroom.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!” 

Amanda Martignetti
Senior Project Manager
The JFM Group LLC